Blank Page

It is right there, staring you in the face and your mind has nothing to help you out with. Nothing which would put words on a page and make it pop out at a reader.

As a writer, how often do you encounter such a moment?

When it’s most inconvenient, your mind will fill up with numerous ideas, things and places you’d love to write about but it is not the right time for it – not a pen in sight, lack of time to put words on paper. Your mind places those thoughts in that “For Later” box, but when the time comes to sit down and put those thoughts down, nothing comes. A blank page, a blank mind. A challenge in itself.

It can’t be writer’s block – you had a full story just a few hours ago. What is stopping you from getting it onto the page now? The fear of someone reading it and not liking it? Perhaps you think, or even know, that what will end up being written won’t be the exact story you thought of earlier in the day. Whatever the reason, it must go away!

Many don’t believe in the Writer’s Block or a Muse. “Sit down and write” is their best advice, and a good advice it is, but here you are with nothing to say. You’ll find every excuse in the book and procrastinate as much as you can, avoiding the problem at hand. Don’t bother. Just turn off the computer screen or close that notepad and find something else to do. Something menial. Something where thinking isn’t required in order to do it and watch your thoughts go wild.

That’s when you drop everything, grab a pen and paper and write like a person possessed. Don’t let anything stop you! Unless it’s an emergency, do NOT stop writing until you’ve written everything down. Then, you can breathe.

If a distraction such as that one doesn’t work, go to bed early. Our imagination goes wild when it’s dark and we close our eyes to rest. Lay down, turn off all the lights and make sure it’s quiet around you. Bring a pen and paper with you, just in case and place it on the bed side table. When that idea strikes, by the time you get up, turn on your computer, it’ll already be too late.